Minerals Education Trust Fund

PO Box 30632 Braamfontein 2017

Tel: 086 100 7787 or 083 643 1004

Fax: 086 602 8983

e-mail: larak@careerwise.co.za

How does the METF work?

The aim of the Fund is to support, promote and advance the interest of minerals education in South Africa. It achieves this by providing the beneficiaries with funds that are used primarily to supplement academic salaries in the disciplines of Mining, Metallurgy/Chemical Engineering and Geology.


The Board has agreed to apportion the budget to correlate with the number of graduates/diplomates employed in the three disciplines, in each company. Participating companies provide support towards the disciplines in which they actually have employees. For example, their contribution augments academic salaries in the particular discipline proportionate to the number of graduates/diplomates they have in that discipline.


All donations to the Fund are acknowledged by way of an 18A Certificate


A SED Certificate has been issued by Grant Thornton confirming that the Trust contributes towards sustainable access to the economy.