Minerals Education Trust Fund

PO Box 30632 Braamfontein 2017

Tel: 086 100 7787 or 083 643 1004

Fax: 086 602 8983

e-mail: larak@careerwise.co.za

Structures of the METF

    •  Trustee and Chairman of the Board.  Ms Vanessa Naicker - tele (011) 638 3120,
        e-mail - vanessa.naicker@angloamerican.com

    •  Trustee and Vice -Chair of the Board.  Ms Andre Botma – tele (011) 751 4026,
        e-mail - andre.botma@sibanyestillwater.com

    •   Chairman of the Metallurgy Sub-committee.  Mr Hennie Engelbrecht:

        e-mail – Hennie.Engelbrecht@exxaro.com

    •   Chairman of the Mining Sub-committee.  Mr Abre Smit:

        email –  abre.smit@hatch.com

    •   Chair of the Geology Sub-Committee.  Mr Peter Roberts:

        email – peter.roberts@thungela.com


Has the METF taken over the function of the Minerals Council South Africa?


The Trust Fund grew out of the Chamber of Mines Education Fund but is now a completely separate Fund no longer allied to the Minerals Council South Africa (formerly the Chamber of Mines). The METF was constituted by a Trust Deed. A sub-committee represents each of the three disciplines and each participating company is entitled to sub-committee representation. The board provides the policy framework and direction, while the sub-committees implement policies for each of the respective disciplines. Board Members are appointed from amongst the participating companies.